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What is Exfoliation?

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Getting the Best Results with Methods at Georgi's Waxing Studio

Methods of Exfoliation

We need to exfoliate before a body waxing service to ensure optimal results! Here some of the methods we recommend for our clients to use at home.

“Hi Guys! I’m Georgi and I wanted to talk to you about our types and methods of exfoliation. We have 2 methods. Our chemical and our mechanical. And this is what we provide for you guys. And we have the Vanish PFB which the main ingredient is Glycholic acid and that will do the exfoliation for you so you don’t have to do anything. It is a roll on gel. You can use it once a week, twice a week, every other day depending on the sensitivity of your skin. and that’s why you want your esthetician to guide you if this is the right product for you. And an upgraded version of the PFB has the Chromabright ingredient which is an organic peptide that would lighten the scarring of an ingrown or hyper-pigmentation in your skin. Our 2nd, our 3rd actually, is our Papaya fruit extract and Glycolic Acid. This is a chemical and mechanical exfoliate in one by PFB as well. One easy method of exfoliation will be an Ayate cloth. It’s a natural fiber. You can use it with your shower gel. You can use it every day, as often as you need to. You can use it all over your body. And also there’s another option for you guys. This is our body scrub, You can use a sugar scrub, an apricot scrub… anything that has a rough texture to it. And you can use it all over your body and this is your mechanical exfoliate. It will also moisturize your skin. You don’t have to apply a moisturizer or body oil afterwards and you can find all these products here at Georgi’s. If you need more information just talk about it with your esthetician. Have a great day!”



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