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Georgi's Cares

Georgi has been involved in different fundraising activities throughout her career,

but it's important to her that her company has a bigger reach in our community.

Last year was hard, exhausting, and stressful for everyone and this year hasn't been much better. This being the case, we know there are many worse off than we are, so there couldn't be a better time to get involved in supporting local charities.


These foundations are near and dear to Georgi's heart,

so she wanted to bring them to your attention:


Gleaners is a vital link between available food and those who need it most. Local and national food producers often have surplus products that go to waste for lack of a way to safely and efficiently bring it to bring it to market. Gleaners has developed efficient, reliable methods for handling a tremendous volume of donated food, as well as the fresh produce we purchase to ensure those we serve have access to a variety of healthy, nutritious food.

Our partner agencies face tight budgets and increasing demand for services. With five distribution centers across southeast Michigan, Gleaners is devoted to getting surplus food and donate items directly to our partners, saving their organizations time and money so they can focus on better serving their communities.


Together, we are increasing the amount of vital, emergency food available to our hungry neighbors and building capacity for service organizations to make an even greater impact in the fight against hunger.


Recognizing the dignity and beauty of every person, we pledge intelligent and practical action to overcome racism, poverty and injustice. And to build a metropolitan community where all people may live in freedom, harmony, trust and affection. Black and white, yellow, brown and red from Detroit and its suburbs of every economic status, national origin and religious persuasion we join in this covenant. — Adopted March 8, 1968


So no one faces cancer alone – Gilda’s Club is a place where men, women and children whose lives have been touched by cancer, as well as their families and friends can feel they are part of a welcoming community of support. Since 1998, more than 10,000 individuals and families have visited our Clubhouse in Royal Oak or one of our offsite locations with hospital partners around metro Detroit. Today,we have more than 10,000 members. Click on the links to learn more about us and how we’re changing lives.

DDR 9135027-logo.jpeg

Detroit Dog Rescue, founded in 2011, is known for taking in Detroit’s dogs and investing the time and training needed to re-home them.

Our nonprofit organization focuses on raising awareness of the mounting homeless and stray dog epidemic in Detroit, along with advocating for humane rescue alternatives such as no-kill sheltering, foster care and adoptions, pet identification and healthy pet population control through spay and neutering. Detroit Dog Rescue also specializes in community outreach, and we work closely with local, city and statewide organizations in order to educate and involve people in this cause. We also respond to calls to assist the Detroit Police Department, Highland Park Police Department, Hamtramck Police Department, Fire Departments, the City Administration, as well as hundreds of residents who have asked for our help.

The Children's Leukemia Foundation of Michigan is now The Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan, as of September 2020.

Their mission is to provide and promote compassionate, personalized support to patients and families in Michigan affected by leukemia, lymphoma and other blood related disorders.

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