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Love your brow shape

Roza is a brow specialist that has an extensive background in brow design. She is known for for her amazing attention to detail, creating the perfect brow shape for your face. The process requires precision and with her artist's eye and steady hand, perfected by practice and dedication to her craft.

Each microblading procedure begins with a 15-20 minute complementary consultation with Roza.

Preparing for your appointment

Two weeks before your appointment, stop any retinoids, glycolic acids, vitamin C, waxing, tanning and exfoliation.

24 hours before your appointment, avoid any alcoholic beverages, blood thinners, or aspirin, as these could cause more bleeding and hinder the healing process.



Woman getting microbladed brows


  • After your appointment, clean the ointment off the brow area with sterile water and gauze. For best results, it is recommended that you do not reapply anything to the brow area.

  • Avoid working out.

  • Keep the showers short.

  • Wash face with a wash cloth, making sure brows stay dry.

  • Avoid the sun.


Each procedure includes 2 sessions.

$200 deposit is required to hold the appointment. 

$400 is due at the first appointment.

The second appointment should be scheduled 6-8 weeks after the first one, for the finishing touches to your microbladed brow design.


$50 - $100

Third appointment. Takes place about 8-10 weeks after the second appointment.

The Healing Process

The microbladed area will be a lot darker, even a little harsh, the first week of healing. Not to worry, this is just part of the process, as it will soon fade to a very natural look. Scabbing, peeling, and flaking is also a normal part of the process. Allow this to heal on its own.

Microblading services are available by appointment only, in our Birmingham location.

Microblading by Roza

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