Wax please, hold the pain!

waxingsignWe all want our most … sensitive areas to be smooth and look their best. But do we have to experience the pain, or ripping sensation that so many out there associate with waxing? No.

While we may all get a good laugh out of poor Steve Carell’s pain in a certain well-known movie scene, we have some great tips to keep the pain at bay while we take the very best care of you at Georgi’s Waxing Studio – where you’ll get the BEST Birmingham, MI wax ever!

First – the good news: It does get better.

That’s right, each time you wax an area of your body, the pain is less. I wish we could say the first time will be totally pain free, but it’s going to smart a bit. Of course, the advantage to coming to see us at Georgi’s Waxing Studio is we will make sure you are handled with the utmost care.

Before you get waxed – preventing pain

Before you come in, try applying something numbing to the area you intend to have waxed. For example, No Scream Cream. And be sure to take a mild over-the-counter pain reliever about 30 minutes before your waxing appointment. We definitely recommend this for waxes above the lip, chest, bikini and genital areas as they are the most sensitive. Be sure not to use ice to numb your skin though – the cold tightens your pores!

Be POSITIVE you are seeing a professional!

We know you have different options for your Birmingham, MI waxing services, and you may travel elsewhere from time to time. Be sure that no matter who you visit to get your waxing done that you are sure they are experienced. It isn’t enough to be licensed to perform waxing – you need someone with experience to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Reduce acids

Did you know that acidity in your body can make your skin more sensitive? Take a break from acid producing foods, drinks, and habits prior to your wax. Smoking and drinking caffeine or alcohol can increase the sensitivity of your skin. If you can’t live without that cup of java be sure you take a tums before you come in to help reduce the acidity levels in your body.


Yep, that’s right, you can help your hair come out more smoothly in the waxing process if the dead skin cells are scrubbed off with a grainy body scrub.

No toner or astringent

This applies mainly to facial areas. Tighter pores mean hanging onto the hair follicle more tightly.

Think again about waxing at home…

And finally, we suggest you think twice before home waxing. We have seen our share of half-waxed people come in after they couldn’t get it quite right, or manage the process on their own – especially for pain prevention and comfort. We will always be happy to fix you up, but we suggest you come see the professional Birmingham waxing team at Georgi’s Waxing Studio first!

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