Bikini Wax Options

Are you considering a bikini or a Brazilian wax?  Our Birmingham waxing studio has various options, because everyone has different preferences. Please take a look on this page, and be sure to consult your Esthetician about what is best for your body and hair types!

Bikini Wax options

  1. Bikini Line:  standard size bikini – we’ll remove everything outside of the line on the first drawing.
  2. Bikini Plus:  smaller bikini – we go in 1 inch on each side, down the leg, and remove about 1 inch from the top.
  3. Bikini Plus Plus: this is our really customized option and it also removes the back-area hair.  Simply tell your Esthetician what you need!

Brazilian Wax options

  1. Barely there:  leaves just a tiny strip of hair
  2. Bare it all:  with this option, all hair is removed, both front and back.


If you would like to schedule a bikini or Brazilian wax, simply contact us for an appointment.  Don’t forget to read about our ‘before wax’ tips if you are a new client.  We’ll be sure to leave you smooth, silky, and satisfied!

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