Georgi’s 5 Best Ways To Prepare Your Skin for Waxing

Waxing is a very effective way to remove unwanted hair. We work with clients every day to ensure they’re not only hair-free where they want to be, but have the best experience possible.

Regardless of the area, prepping your skin for waxing is very important. It will help reduce skin irritation and ensures you have long lasting results. Here are five things you can do today to make sure your skin is prepped and ready for waxing and you walk away with clear and glowing skin! These steps aren’t necessary, but will help you look and feel better.

1. Check yourself.

Regardless of where you plan to wax, whether facial hair, bikini or underarms, it is so important to check your skin for any cuts, inflammation or preexisting irritation. Your skin needs to heal first before I recommend any wax treatment. Also, if you use any anti-acne creams, or Retin-A medications, you’ll want to discontinue their use a couple weeks before your appointment. They do amazing things for acne, fine lines, etc., but they leave your skin sensitive to damage during waxing. You should always check with your dermatologist or doctor first for any changes to your prescription medication.


Most acne medications contain and use an ingredient called Benzoyl Peroxide. This chemical does kill bacteria that cause acne, but it also changes how your skin retains water and reacts to procedures like waxing!

2. Make sure you hair is long enough, but not too long.

Our hair has different growth rates! To get the longest lasting results, it’s important that your hair is the right length before you come in for your treatment. It really just needs to be long enough to grip. We usually tell our clients that about 1/4 – ½ of an inch will do the trick. It will make sure that when we’re working on that area, we’re catching the roots. If you’re receiving a treatment on your face or do have fine thin hair, it can be shorter. Try to grow your hair out between 2-3 weeks. Two weeks for underarms and facial hair, 3 weeks for bikini, legs and arms. I know, it’s harder in the summer but break out the quarter sleeves and long pants and let it grow! It is totally worth it to get a good, total wax that catches every hair possible.

3. Exfoliate. Gently.

Use a gentle exfoliating tool about twice a week before your treatment, skipping the day before your treatment. This is key to making sure you remove dead skin before and after your treatments. This will minimize your chance of getting ingrown hair. It also helps make sure the wax is grabbing the hair. At home, Georgi personally uses Apricot Scrub from Choices. It’s Michigan made, all natural, all vegan and leaves you’re skin silky smooth! You can even purchase it in our salon for $26 and will last you about a month or two depending on use. And while exfoliation is so important, don’t over do it. Try to wait at least a day before you begin your exfoliation routine again. It will only cause more sensitivity and redness if you start again the day of your wax.

4. Avoid the sun.

After waxing, it is so important to avoid the sun, as your skin’s sensitivity is heightened and you’ll be more prone to sunburns than usual. You should also avoid saunas, scalding hot showers, steam rooms, etc. for 24 hours after your wax. This could really irritate freshly waxed skin. Of course avoidance is key but If you have any sunburns, you definitely should wait until your skin has had an opportunity to heal before having your wax treatment completed.

5. Consider a numbing cream.spray_numb_it_mid

If it is your first time waxing or are super sensitive to pain or discomfort during your treatment, consider a numbing gel. We have and love our retail product called NumbIt. You can buy it at our online store here for $30. We recommend two applications for the bikini area first 30 min before your appointment, and second application 10 minutes before your scheduled wax. You can arrive earlier for your appointment and you can do that in our studio. Our clients say it makes a huge difference, especially in more sensitive areas like underarms, and bikini. This is completely at your discretion and is 100% optional.

Remember, there is no one size fits all for the best waxing ritual and post-wax treatment plan. We all have different skin types and each have unique triggers for irritation. Talk to you aesthetician to develop a plan that works for your skin type and specific needs.

Our team will be blogging more regularly so feel free to leave your comments and questions below. We’ll be happy to address your questions in future posts!

Happy waxing!

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