3 Easy Beach Vacation Skin Care Tips

We see the light at the end of this wintery, snow-filled tunnel, at least here in Michigan! If you’re planning one more beach getaway this season, read these three easy personal care tips that can prime your skin for that epic holiday, and get your sailing off into the sunset, feeling smooth, fabulous and deliciously beautiful.

1: If you have dry skin

This winter has taken its toll on our skin, especially here in Michigan. We’ve seen it all this winter. Snow, warm fronts (YES), heavy rain (Meh), more snow (Super Meh), more snow (Ugh, is it over yet), and guess what? Yes, More snow!

Rather than overloading your skin with heavy synthetic products that might actually be causing more drying effects, try products rich in all-natural shea butter, avocado oils, mango butter, and macadamia oil. We love all things from The Cottage Green House Collection by Margot Elena. During my Florida escape last month, I packed their Sungold Apricot and Sage Body lotion. It’s absolutely amazing for dry skin and is rich with apricot kernel oil to soften skin and seal in moisture. The scent alone will take you to beach heaven. I still think about how much fun we had in Florida, every time I wear that lotion now!

If you’re looking for something fresh, you’ll love their Grapefruit Blood Orange Body Lotion, generously enriched with macadamia oil and mango butter. The Violette Fig and Black Currant Body Lotion made with fig extract, macadamia oil, mango butter and apricot kernel oil is also pretty fabulous for someone looking for something delicious, rich and savory.

Once you’ve applied the lotion, breathe in, and breathe out. Yep, that smells and feels like vacation.

2: If you have unwanted hair

We all love most of the getting ready for vacation ritual. Mani/Pedi? Check. Hair appointment? Check. Buying a new bikini and cute new flip flops? Double check!

Here goes the less glamorous part of getting ready for your beach vacation. The wax. From Bikini, to legs, arms, and eyebrows, most of my clients come in for a full packaged deal. If they’re tight on time, however, many opt for a bikini wax instead of a full Brazilian.

If you’re thinking about getting a wax before vacation, we recommend that you come in about 3 days before your vacation, giving your skin time to rest before you spend time in the sun. Exfoliation should be part of your routine before and after your wax as well. Ideally, hair should be .25-.5 in long for a Brazilian wax. Don’t forget to wait 24-48 hours before you head for a spray tan if that’s on your list as well. As always, we recommend you use SPF lotion the entire time you’re in the sun, especially after a wax.

If you’re new to waxing or afraid of any pain, you can pick up a numbing gel from major drug stores including Target. Just apply it 5 minutes before your wax, that will reduce any discomfort you might experience.

3. If you have Dark Spots

First things first. Waxing does not cause dark spots in itself. No one likes them. Many of us have them, including myself. If you have any from ingrown hairs, raiser burns, or other signs of darkening pigmentation, you can use PFB Vanish + Chromabright roller. Using this one week prior and at least one week after will totally transform your wax. You’ll experience less ingrown hairs, a smoother-feeling wax, and reduced appearance of dark spots.

So, go ahead. Pamper yourself. Take a vacation. Break out your itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini. Practice self-love. Recharge. Find your balance and harmony. After all, you deserve it.

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